Taking the Mystery out of Medicare …

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Ever since 1995, as a leading specialist, Andy Lockridge has helped you stay the course of healthcare changes as the years inevitably roll by. Changes that involve:

  • How to get the most out of Medicare.

  • How to navigate Social Security.

  • How to know what insurances you need – and even if you need them.

Andy Lockridge – a certified National Social Security Advisor – navigates these choppy waters with a calm, experienced, personally tailored approach that makes it all quite painless.

Reassuringly simple.

Medicare and You

Original Medicare is the government health care program for people 65 or older … people under 65 with certain disabilities … and people of any age with end-stage renal disease.

It changes over the years, but it’s not confusing so much as complex.

Let’s make it simple. One step at a time.

Social Security and You

Social Security was introduced during the Great Depression, as a “safety net” against absolute poverty.

Its reach has expanded over the past 80-odd years, until today it makes up about 40% of the average retiree’s income.

But what exactly is it? And how can you be sure you’re getting every penny and every benefit you paid for?

Long Term Care

Estimates show that of all Americans alive today, three out of four will need home health care, two out of three will need assisted living, and almost half will spend time in a nursing home.

For most of us, it’s not a question of if.  It’s a question of when.

Health and Life Insurance

Lockridge and Associates is a fully independent insurance agency, not tied to any specific insurance company.

This means we can scour the market to find the ultimate best company, best coverage, and best price to fit your specific needs.

Our products include:

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If you think Medicare and Social Security are confusing … you’re right.

They’re almost impossible to navigate on your own.

Andy Lockridge can help.

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