February 20, 2018

What Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cover? And Not Cover?

A great many people think that if you get sick or disabled when you’re old, Long-Term Care Insurance will take care of you forever. Unfortunately, that’s not so. Typically, what Long-Term Care Insurance covers are chronic (persistent) conditions that last for at least 90 days. Illnesses or injuries that are not persistent, and do not last […]

Long Term Care Insurance
February 8, 2018

Would you make these five serious mistakes when you consider long-term care insurance?

   People don’t think about Long-Term Care Insurance. Probably because they don’t know about it … don’t understand what it can do … and besides, nothing’s going to happen to them. I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of people over the years on this topic. These five things show up again and again as gaps in […]

Long Term Care Insurance