Social Security
and You

You have literally thousands of options … and Andy Lockridge can help you with every one of them.

Is it easy to sign up for Social Security?


But getting it right is hard.

Because in terms of how and when to take your social security retirement benefits, there are literally thousands of options.

Do you know enough to pick the right one? This information will help…

Don’t leave your money on the table

When retirement age comes along, most people simply fill out the standard form and apply for Social Security benefits on their own.

But if you make an uninformed choice, you could lose $100,000 or more in benefits over your lifetime!

What’s worse, that’s a mistake you cannot go back and correct.

Could you choose the right option for you from over 19,000 choices? Andy Lockridge can!

Be clear about your needs

Given the vast number of Social Security options available, it’s impossible for a counselor  to “just know” what your particular needs will be. “Cookie cutter” plans are a bad idea.

So it’s a good idea to discuss retirement with your spouse and/or family, if need be, and establish an idea of what you want your retirement to look like …

  • Free time with lots of globe-trotting vacations?
  • Back to college for another degree?
  • Staying home with the grandkids?
  • Every morning on the golf course?

Whatever future you envision, it will turn out better if you start with your own plan, refined and customized by an expert.


But don’t wait too long.

There’s a rumor that says for each year you delay taking Social Security up to age 75 or even 80, you get an extra 8 percent in benefits.

That’s not exactly true.

Your benefits do go up incrementally, but the deciding factors are your date of birth and the date you start taking benefits.


Have the original NSSA Certified expert on your side

Andy Lockridge - National Social Security AdvisorsNSSA – National Social Security Advisors – serves clients throughout the United States by resolving their social security questions and planning.

Andy Lockridge was the first person in Arizona to receive NSSA Certification. He has helped many hundreds of people prepare for retirement, for almost a quarter century.

Remember, ninety percent of people who take Social Security retirement benefits leave money on the table.

Andy ensures that you won’t be one of them.

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